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Brama segementowa

High comfort of use and efficient insulation of sectional gates will ensure you comfort and energy savings. They are particularly recommended for heated garages.

  • Warm - heat transfer coefficient for gates Uk = 1,07 [W/m2xK].
  • Most commonly used in heated domestic garages.
  • Available in various panel configurations and almost unlimited colour schemes.
  • No entrance threshold..
  • Available in a manual or an automatic version
  • Possibility to integrate the driving device with other automated elements within the property, for example, with fencing gates.


Brama uchylnaTilt gates are comfortable an effective solutions. Tested and durable mechanisms ensure comfortable use for many years. .

  • They are dedicated to free-standing or unheated garages..
  • The shell construction of the tilt section that may be insulated or not (frame is always non-insulated).
  • The entrance threshold about 3 cm.
  • Steel shell made of high-quality trapezoidal metal sheet available in a wide range of colours
  • A low purchase price as compared to sectional gates.
  • as compared to sectional gates.